Waqas Abid Advocate:

Main Focus of “The Law Firm-Pakistan” is to make sure the protection of rights of its valuable clients. Our team is fully committed to the success of our distinguished roster of clients. The Team of “The Law Firm-Pakistan” has built its services approach upon a commitment to professional excellence. Our professionally qualified and well experienced team is fully equipped to serve our respected clients in Pakistan with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Undoubtedly, the demand for legal advice and legal support is gradually increasing due to multiple social, cultural, environmental and political changes in Pakistan. We, at “The Law Firm-Pakistan” know very well that a large number of law firms are operating in the world and in Pakistan But the services of “The Law Firm-Pakistan” are different and according to the existing laws and needs of the people.

The Law Firm-Pakistan is confident that we can respond knowledgeably, effectively and quickly, whether the issue is local, regional or national in Pakistan.

We give Free Legal Advice and Free Legal Help for Children, Women, Transgender Persons and other marginalized deserving people in Pakistan.

Apprenticeship Opportunities
The Law Firm provides excellent learning and good earning opportunity to the new comers in the field of legal fraternity in its offices, situated at Islamabad, Lahore and Kasur. If you are interested, you can visit our office at your convenient location.

Place : Islamabad-Pakistan


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