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The Law Firm-Pakistan is one of the leading Legal Services Providing Institution in the Country, which has its Offices in Islamabad, Lahore and Kasur. The Firm deals in Civil, Criminal, Family, FIA and Taxation related matters and provide consultancies in Firm, NGOs and Companies Registration as well. The Law Firm provide services in assets management in Pakistan and selling purchasing properties and doing legal agreements on the behalf of its valuable clients. The Law Firm-Pakistan has well experienced Legal Team in Islamabad, Lahore and Kasur to protect the rights of its clients and provide them legal professional services.


Pre-Arrest Bail

The Law Firm-Pakistan provides excellent legal consultants / Lawyers for Pre-Arrest Bail in Islamabad, Lahore and Kasur in Pakistan. Lawyers, who are team members of The Law Firm-Pakistan have vast experience in matters of Pre-arrest bail in Pakistan.

Civil Cases

The Lawyers of “The Law Firm-Pakistan” are well versed with the civil litigation in Pakistan. The Firm has sectoral experts and the cases are handled only by the experts of specific field.

After Arrest Bail

History of “The Law Firm-Pakistan” is proof of its excellent performance in the field of Post Arrest Bail of its clients. The Legal Experts of the law firm are regularly handling large number of cases of Post Arrest Bail in lower courts, High Courts, Special Courts that include Anti Terrorism Courts, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) related Courts and Anti-Corruption Courts etc. in Pakistan.

Family Laws

All Types of family cases, including court marriage, divorce, dissolution of marriage by women, Online Nikah and Nikah Registration, Birth Registration, Domestic Violence, Suit for maintenance, Custody of minor children, child adoption and recovery of dower items are legally handled by the Law experts of “The Law Firm-Pakistan”

Law is order, and good law is good order.

– Waqas Abid Advocate High Court


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Best Attorneys in Pakistan

The Law Firm-Pakistan is a group of energetic and well experienced lawyers in Pakistan, who provide the legal services in Civil, Criminal, Family and property related matters.

A Leading Law Firm in Providing Legal Consultancies and Support Nationwide in Pakistan

Pre-Arrest Bail

After Arrest Bail

Petition for  FIR Registration

Petition against Illegal Harassment

Cyber Crime & FIA

Domestic Violence

Filling Civil Suit

Defending Civil Litigation

Property Related Legal Agreement

Any Civil Litigation

Court Marriage in Pakistan

Online Nikah & Registration


Dissolution of Marriage by Women

Recovery of Dower Items

Suit for Maintenance

Custody of Minor Children

Adoption of Child in Pakistan

Corporal Punishment Laws

Harassment at Workplace Laws

Child Sexual Abuse Laws

Violence against Women & Children

Income Tax Filling

Income Tax Annual Returns

Registration of Firms

Registration of Non-Profit Organization NGO

Registration of Private Limited Company

Auditing of Accounts

Legal Help in Purchasing Lands

Legal Help in Selling Land

Legal Help in Selling & Purchasing House

Drafting Property Legal Agreement